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Vitalcare designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of products.

The company’s design philosophy emphasises technical innovation and reliability and offers an outstanding return on investment. Over 200 sites still using Vitalcare equipment over 20 years old is testimony to Vitalcare’s product reliability.

All products are designed, assembled and tested in Australia. All intellectual property is owned by Vitalcare and the company is proudly Australian owned and operated.





Pendants and Wrist button

Pendants and Wrist buttons

Daisy neck and wrist buttons are ergonomically designed and waterproof to IP67 standards. They use an IoT (Internet of things) two-way spread spectrum protocol to communicate with the Vitalcare network controller. This provides an operating range over ten times that of traditional wireless products along with outstanding in-building penetration.

Using Vitalcare’s cloud based ‘Insite’ technology, every pendant and wrist button routinely tests itself and reports anomalies and activity daily. These reports can be emailed to supervisors and displayed on the Vitalcloud management dashboard accessible over the internet.

All devices feature a replaceable long life battery and accelerometer for activity measurement and are programmed via Bluetooth™ using mobile apps available through Google Play and Apple apps stores. New product features and firmware can be programmed on site by facility staff or Vitalcare field engineers.  This functionality extends the longevity of the product and greatly increases the return on investment.

Importantly, the products don’t look like a medical device, increasing the likelihood they will be worn by residents.

Call Points

Vitalcare call points come in a range of wireless and wired configurations as well as feature Vitalcare’s ‘always on’ two-way wireless technology.   This makes them easy to install and relocate, dramatically lowering the cost of installations while providing outstanding reliability.

Wireless call points use long life replaceable batteries, and like pendants and wrist buttons, report their status to the network controller and Vitalcloud daily.

Standard wall plate fittings are supported for both flush and surface mounting, including customised logos and graphics. The range includes waterproof call points for wet areas and options for pull cord activation.

Configurations include:

  • Call, Cancel, Staff Assist, Emergency, Duress
  • Pull Cord attachment
  • Waterproof
  • Audio and visual activation confirmation
Vitalcare Emergency Call Point
Vitalcare Staff Assist Call Point
Vitalcare Carer Call Point
Staff Duress Card

Staff Duress Pendant

Vitalcare’s duress pendant is designed for both aged care/medical personnel and lone workers generally.

In addition to the duress function, the device is designed to hold an access control and identification card. The case can also be labelled with facility details.

Out of Bed Sensor — Irma

Vitalcare’s Out of Bed Sensor is a hygienic and effective alternative to floor and bed mats. The device detects legs moving from bed to the floor and alerts carers through the Daisy network, like any other call point.

The sensor is normally placed under or adjacent to the resident’s bed. A range of parameters can be configured including activation delays to allow carers time to leave the monitored area. It also has a cancel button to clear activations at the device.

Movement Sensor
Vitalcare Floor Sensor Mat

Bed, Floor, Chair Mat Sensors

The Vitalcare Daisy system supports a comprehensive range of bed, floor and chair mat sensors.

These are connected to a wireless call point so can be simply deployed and moved between rooms.

Enuresis Sensors

Enuresis sensors provide wet-the-bed alarms for incontinent residents.

Sensor mats are connected to a wireless call point and programmed to alert through the Daisy network when moisture is detected.

Enuresis Sensor
Movement Sensor

Movement Sensors

Like the Out of Bed Alarm Sensor, the Movement Sensor uses an infrared sensor that detects movement and alerts carers through the Daisy network. The device is portable, wireless and can be used anywhere within the network.

The Movement Sensor is programmed using an app available through Google Play and Apple apps stores, and can be configured with a number of parameters including an activation delay. It also has a cancel button to clear activations at the device.

Door & Window Sensor

Vitalcare’s Door Sensor uses an integrated magnetic reed switch to detect the opening of doors, windows or any similar aperture.

This wireless device is typically used for doors or windows within a facility, but can be readily adapted to a wide range of applications.

Vitalcare Door And Window Sensor

Dementia Controller (CRIS)

The Dementia Controller, or CRIS (Confused Resident Information System) CRIS provides a system to assist with the care of residents with differing levels of cognitive impairment, ranging from confusion to debilitating dementia.

CRIS is a self contained system which operates independently from nurse call equipment, or as a tightly integrated solution. CRIS can interface with a range of manufacturers’ systems, or as an integral part of the Vitalcare Daisy nurse call network.

The system monitors residents’ ‘behavioural’ profiles and alarms when the profile is breached. This may include activity or inactivity outside normal parameters. An infinite number of profiles can be programmed and 4 of these can be selected at the door panel. CRIS is programmed wirelessly or via Vitalcare’s network controller.

Alarms are indicated on the exterior over-door light, sent to pagers or smartphones, displayed on facility annunciators or reported on tablet or web browsers.

CRIS consists of:

  • Room controller module – electronic command module typically installed in the ceiling
  • Door panel – used to activate or suspend operation and indicates the resident’s current location in the room
  • Over-door light indicator – visual indication if profiles are breached
  • Lighting controller – controls room, bathroom and reading lamps in response to behaviour and programming
  • Door switch – activates an alarm if the door is opened
  • AIR (Ambient Infra-Red) Sensors – detect resident location and activity within the room
Confused Resident Information System
CRIS External Keypad with Real-time Status Indicators Faceplate
Cris Over Door Light Status Indicator
  • Exception reporting — intelligent profiling of activity
  • Behaviour recording — activity reporting to provide a benchmark for exception reporting
  • Ushering — controlling the sequence of ceiling and reading lights ‘ushers’ resident from bed to bathroom and back
  • Configurable profiles— unlimited custom profiles plus 3 presets
  • Check resident´s activity without entering the room – bed, chair, shower, toilet, activity

Wandering Resident Controller (Nigel)

Nigel is Vitalcare’s wandering resident controller designed to manage residents’ movement around facilities by detecting their presence when close to doors, and alerting staff to unauthorised movements depending on a range of pre-programmed parameters.

Nigel consists of coded resident wrist button which can be worn or sewn into clothing along with a door controller and keypad.

Nigel can operate as an integrated component of Vitalcare’s Daisy nurse call system, or connect to a range of other nurse call manufacturers’ systems and access control equipment.

Coded Resident Wrist Button with Wrist Band
Nigel Wantering Resident Monitor Door Keypad Controller Faceplate
Nigel Wantering Resident Monitor Door Keypad Controller Faceplate
Coded Resident Wrist Button with Wrist Band

Door Controller

Vitalcare’s door controller can control a single door, be part of the Vitalcare wandering resident controller, or be a localiser with Vitalcare’s RTLS location management system.

Subject to configuration options, door mechanisms can be locked, unlocked and alarmed should a resident be in the vicinity.

Door controllers are programmed using the VitalConfig application available through Google Play and Apple apps stores.

Localisation (RTLS)

The Vitalcare Daisy network supports RTLS (Real Time Location System). Using a network of radio beacons around the facility, the location of residents is tracked to predetermined zones.

Importantly, Vitalcare’s RTLS uses radio frequency beacons and not infra-red transmission. This ensures the system cannot be defeated by placing RTLS devices under clothing.

Localisation (RTLS) Floor Plan

Network Controller

The Daisy Network Controller is the intelligence of the Daisy nurse call system and connects all the peripheral components together. It supports both wired and wireless devices, although the current trend is two-way wireless devices.

It is important to note that the Daisy wireless network operates a highly resilient spread spectrum two-way wireless IoT (internet of Things) network. It is not Wifi. Vitalcare consider Wifi too unreliable as the backbone of a nurse call service.

The network controller can be programmed on-site or remotely using Vitalcare’s cloud based management system. Each input device (such as pendants and call points) can be configured for specific instructions in the case of activation, including an escalation procedure and application of staffing shift and zone rosters.

The network controller also connects to the internet for reporting using Vitalcloud. A comprehensive range of reports is supported. These reports can be viewed on any browser based device or emailed on schedule.

Network Controller close up or workings

Vitalcare network controllers are typically installed with battery backup ensuring the system can operate for at least 3 hours without external power. However, any backup duration can be provided as required with the addition of batteries.

Legacy Vitalcare nurse call systems can be simply upgraded to the Daisy network with the installation of a new network controller and system gateway. This provides an effective low cost transition from old technology to the latest available.

Flora — Facility Nurse Call Console

Flora is a low cost, wireless, self-contained nurse call system designed for small healthcare and institutional facilities.  It is ideal for doctors surgeries, consulting rooms, schools or aged care group homes.

The desktop console uses a touch screen and is very simple to operate. Being wireless, the console, call points and pendants need no installation. The console is simply plugged into a power point and call points are fixed to walls or furniture with double sided tape.

An attractive colour display can be configured for both visual and audible alerts including messages sent to smartphones and browsers with a Vitalcloud subscription.

Flora suits applications requiring up to 25 devices (such as call points or pendants) across an area of about 12 rooms or 200m2. The Flora console includes a backup battery providing over 2 hours of operation in the case of power loss.   Flora is also compatible with the Vitalcare’s Daisy product range.

Flora is a desktop console nurse call systems designed for small facilities covering around 200 square meters
System Gateway box

System Gateway

The system gateway establishes the wireless network in the facility essential to Vitalcare’s Daisy network. It provides the gateway for pendants, call points and all other devices into the Daisy network controller. It also supports site extenders which expand the wireless network across large facilities.

Dual systems gateways connect to the network controller, providing high density facility coverage along with built in redundancy.

The use of wireless nurse call networks dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of site installation while maintaining and improving system integrity. Reconfiguring rooms is also easier and cheaper – simply move the self-contained call point.

Site Extender

On larger facilities, site extenders are used to increase the coverage area. They are wireless repeaters that relay activations from pendants, call points and other such devices to the network controller.

Site extenders are small low power devices that can be installed within facility bulidings or outside, where they can even be solar powered, eliminating wiring and installation complexity.

Site Extender box with power cable
Paging Gateway Circuitboard

Paging Gateway

Where facilities require notification via pagers, Vitalcare provide a paging gateway that connects to either external or internal transmitters.

The network controller can be configured to alert carers via pagers in addition to smartphones or annunciators as required.

Gateway Interface

Vitalcare provide a generic gateway interface for connecting the Daisy system to all manner of third party systems and equipment.

Some examples include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Access control
  • Business information systems
  • Call centre diallers
  • DECT phones.

A wide range of standard industry protocols are supported and the Vitalcare R&D team are happy to provide customised software where required for new applications.

Vitalcare Generic Gateway Interface for Daisy and Third-party Connection
Flora display

Therma — Febrile symptom image screening

Therma is Vitalcare’s thermal imaging camera infrastructure used to measure body temperature from the human face at a minimum distance of 1 metre.

They are installed at entry points to hospitals, aged care facilities or institutions and are used to identify people with elevated skin temperatures as an indicator for fever or infection.

The cameras use machine vision and artificial intelligence to identify the human face and calculate the body temperature to within 0.5°C.

Therma can be manually operated as a handheld device, or integrated into a nurse call system with a fixed camera installation where it can measure multiple faces simultaneously.

Annunciators (Displays)

Vitalcare supports annunciators with 4, 8 and 12 character displays.

Annunciators feature configurable audio alerts and are installed with backup batteries to ensure the system operates in case the facility loses power.

Annunciator 4 Character Display
Annunciator 12 Character Display
Vitalcare Annunciator 8 Digit Display
Vitalcare pager

Pagers (IRIS)

Vitalcare supplies a range of quality pagers from reputable manufactures.

They feature excellent sensitivity, easy to read backlit screens and are resilient to the rigours of use.


Vitalcare’s Daisy nurse call system can report calls to both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. Vitalcare can also provide several models of Android smartphones that have been optimised for the Daisy network.

Should your facility be considering use of smartphones for call notification, talk to the Vitalcare team before buying the product to ensure compatibility.

Vitalcare’s Daisy nurse call system reports to iOS and Android smartphones
Vitalcare Diallers (remote monitoring)

Diallers (remote monitoring)

Vitalcare can provide diallers for alerting personalised emergency response services. These devices connect to the network controller and a telephone line, or internet connection.

They are configured to report pendant, call point, duress or any other type of activation to a manned monitoring centre.

Several types of diallers are available, including products compatible with the NBN.

DECT Phones

Daisy supports integration with most IP connected DECT phone servers via the interface gateway.

Activations are reported using the messaging functionality of the DECT phone.

DECT Phones

New Product Development

Our product range continues to evolve with ongoing research and development as we look for new and innovative ways to improve the quality of resident care and workflow efficiency. Vitalcare strive for unrivalled reliability technically advanced equipment with a long life span and built in redundancy fail safes.

24/7 Support

In addition to installation and commissioning our products, Vitalcare provides scheduled maintenance and emergency support on a 24 hour, 7 day basis. We also provide fixed price Maintenance Contracts which include annual inspection and compliance certification. For further information on support, please see out Support Page.

Extended Component Warranty

Vitalcare provide Extended Warranty options on fixed components of the Vitalcare system. This caps the cost of hardware replacement for the length of the warranty.

Financial Solutions

Vitalcare can provide a turnkey Nursecall system, installed and commissioned complete with staff training, annual maintenance for a fixed monthly fee, helping facilities preserve scarce working capital. Contact us today for more information and pricing.

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