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Nurse Presence Systems — What does it add?

Define Nurse Presence
Dictionary sources define presence as being with and attending to another person, involvement and/or companionship. Nursing scholars and theorists have in recent years elaborated on this dictionary definition of presence to include a holistic definition inclusive of the patient experience and the connection experienced between both patient and provider…

Nurse Call Accreditation Insights

From the 1940’s until the late noughties (2010 onward) Nurse Call systems had changed little. The hand shaken metal bell being replaced by an electronic equivalent with little or no intelligence within the system and few, if any, advantages to patients or staff.

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Nurse call systems just got IoT smarter

PRESS RELEASE Sydney, 16th November 2017: Cloud reporting, IoT (internet of things) wireless technology and machine learning have made their way into todays nurse call systems to be presented at the upcoming Information Technology In Aged Care (ITAC) conference at the Gold Coast later this month. Attendees will also get an early insight into the […]

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Where Dementia, big data and IoT meet

PRESS RELEASE Where dementia, big data and IoT meet Sydney, 8th November 2016: Veteran technologist Peter Vogel, who developed the first “Vitalcall” personal alarm 30 years ago, is back in the aged care business. As CTO of Vitalcare, Vogel has developed a new system that takes over where his previous “pendant” alarm no longer meets […]

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