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Nurse Presence Systems — What does it add?

Define Nurse Presence
Dictionary sources define presence as being with and attending to another person, involvement and/or companionship. Nursing scholars and theorists have in recent years elaborated on this dictionary definition of presence to include a holistic definition inclusive of the patient experience and the connection experienced between both patient and provider…

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Flora Desktop nurse call system for small facilities

New Product Release

Vitalcare is delighted to announce the release of a low-cost small facility nurse call console along with a range of LCD displays for its IoT based Daisy nurse call system…

Nurse Call Accreditation Insights

Evolution From the 1940’s until the late noughties (2010 onward) Nurse Call systems had changed little. The hand shaken metal bell being replaced by an electronic equivalent with little or no intelligence within the system and few, if any, advantages to patients or staff.
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Sales & Marketing director Dragan Jancic had great pleasure…
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